BubbleLASHious Eyelash Extension
Cleanser Products

Extension Foaming Cleanser

Foaming Cleanser was specially created and formulated with eyelash extension users in mind since, in our experience, eyelash extension wearers are more hesitant to wash their eye area and lashes. Even after using mascara formulated for extensions, wearers are fearful of taking off their mascara.
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BubbleLASHious Eyelash

Extension Gel Cleanser

Our Gel Cleanser is a thicker formulation designed for master lash artists to effectively remove ALL types of mascaras, eye makeup and any other impurities from their clients' eyelashes before application or reapplication of eyelash extensions. BubbleLASHious Gel Cleanser will remove even the toughest mascara without damaging the extension adhesives. Learn More Order Now


For Salon Owners

BubbleLashious Eyelash Extension Foaming will help your salon promote proper extension and lash care.

BubbleLashious gentle, hypoallergenic, soap-free, and oil-free. Safely cleans eyelash extensions without breaking down the adhesive.